Etna Productions

Photo and Film Production Company in Sicily and Italy

We offer a full range of film production services for photo and film production in Sicily and Italy, including but not limited to financing and co-production advice, cost containment, budgeting and scheduling, and providing our expertise in selecting appropriate locations.

With a team that includes over 12 years of experience working as local fixers in Sicily
and Italy, we have extensive knowledge of setting up foreign shoots and are happy to help guide you through filming in Sicily and Italy.

To make sure you’re completely at ease, we will ensure that your film production base
in Sicily or Italy, your office away from home, is up to your standards. Be it portable solutions for internet or printing – no detail is too small.

And finally, to ensure that your only concern is creating beautiful imagery, we’ll take care of all other aspects of your production. From finding the best models, makeup artists, assistants, equipment, and props – we only deal with the best.

We are your trusted film production company in Sicily and Italy and will ensure that your experience of shooting in this diverse and culturally rich country is nothing short of spectacular.


Logistics, Accommodation and Transport

We will ensure that logistics are set out and ready to go in terms of how and where you will need to fit the required time and money into your shooting schedule.

Obtaining Permits

A location shooting permit is a document that gives you permission (usually from local, city, or federal governments) to be shooting in public places. We will ensure that all relevant documentation are in place.

Location Scouting

Are you searching for a specific location for your film production project? Whatever spectacular, unique, or interesting locations you have in mind, we have an extensive database of locations in Sicily and mainland Italy.

Professional Crew

We understand that you may bringing your own production team, but if needed, we can provide locally sourced professionals comprising of skilled film production crew.

Unique film and photo locations in Sicily

Discover what the island has to offer in terms of varied locations.

Unmatched quality and consistency for all of your projects

Work with some of the best film and photo industry professionals in Italy.